Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long time no see...

Well, I have not been very active with my postings. Another thing to feel guilty about. Writing a PhD, you get used to that feeling. I will try to do better. On both counts!

Currently juggling work (part-time) and PhD (part-time), and hoping to get the balance right. Not much time for life outside those two activities. Apologising to my friends for at least another year or two of this status quo - although I have been told it doesn't get any better even after the PhD. Articles, conference papers, books to write...Still, I have to feel like there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel!

Academia certainly is for the masochists.

Anyway, my partner is finishing up his PhD currently. Two weeks to go, so his thesis has taken precedence in the household. I've been proof-reading, formatting, Endnoting...basically, accumulating some serious brownie points I intend to cash in on when I get to the same stage! I look forward to there being one thesis less in the house.

Have got a cafepress shop going to make t-shirts with academic humour/frustrations. It seems to be a fairly niche market (and there is pretty much nothing out there for us to buy to express our inner angst) so we decided to make our own. It's at, if anyone is curious.

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